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Situated in Centurion, Gauteng, Amanzi Landscapes offer a variety of lawn solutions for a diverse clientele. Their aim is to make the goal of growing lush, manageable, sustainable grass a tangible reality for everyone from private home owners, to farmers, sport field maintenance personnel and accommodation venues.

When you collaborate with a horticultural provider, it is imperative that they know your region. South Africa is a large country with varying rainfall patterns, soil types and climate conditions. This is why Amanzi Landscapes is the preferred lawn supplier for some of Gauteng’s foremost nurseries, landscapers, garden engineers and golf courses. The business has its roots in Johannesburg and its proprietors know the challenges that both professional and novice gardeners encounter when establishing lawns in the Gauteng region. Their expert team knows this particular terroir inside out and can recommend a lawn solution to suit any given location. 

Amanzi Landscapes stocks the Quic-Grow® Evergreen range. This includes lawn seed and pasture seed in various volumes, as well as products that are tailored purposely for use in summer. This innovative brand has been developed with the rigours of the South African landscape in mind. It features a unique combination of perennial grass species that can be shown both in sun and shade, and adapts well to extreme temperatures. Once established it displays impressive drought tolerance, as well as heat- and disease resistance. The result is non-invasive, low maintenance lawn or pasture with self-repairing root systems and underground rhizomes that have a natural creeping habit to encourage spread and growth.

For more information on Amanzi Landscapes, their grass products and how they can assist you in growing the lush lawn you’ve always dreamed of, visit their website or get in touch with Dammann Kruger (the Greenest Grass Experts).

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