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Organic gardening is becoming increasingly popular, as more South Africans realise the importance of choosing environmentally friendly products and supporting manufacturers who have the earth’s best interests at heart. In the spirit of developing a healthy gardening culture, Garden World is proud to be associated with Talborne Organics – manufacturers and distributers of Organic product ranges for farmers, landscapers, turf-care specialists and home gardeners. These include: 

VITA organic fertilizers and Talborne Seedling Food, showcase SA innovation and are Certified Organic by Control Union to comply with the highest international organic growing standards for your assurance of their safety and purity. Value-for-money formulations, they contain all the nutrients to optimize plant health like a balanced N:P:K, all minor and micro-nutrients, Carbon and microbial soil activators for a fertile, living soil which is the basis of a healthy thriving garden. VITA fertilizers are Cost-saving as they are formulated for a sustained release of about 4 months, so require fewer applications than commercial fertilisers (which means users save money, and effort!) They are water wise as they do not require a hard rainstorm or heavy watering after application as they do not burn plants or lawns, so just continue with the regular garden watering program.

The gardeners’ favourite for conditioning poor, leached soils in garden beds or containers is FERTILIS Earthworm Castings made from pasture fed dairy cow manure which is processed by the red wriggler earthworms into a rich humus for soil fertility and water retention properties.

Pests and diseases are a natural part of any gardening ecosystem. The Biogrow Organic Pest & Disease Solutions range makes it possible to address these problems without poisons thereby maintaining the delicate ecosystems that sustain the living environment.  
THE URBAN BOX, is a multi-functional wooden pallet container for growing or storage. Ideal for smaller urban gardens for herbs, veggies, berries or decorative colour plant boxes, that can be personalised to match and enhance the existing decor of any indoor or outdoor space by selecting a vibrant or natural wooden colour from their colour chart.  

For more information on Talborne Organics, visit Garden World to chat with us in person, or see their website for details on all the gardening products. We look forward to helping you experience Growing Health with Talborne Organics. 

Manufacturers of Organic Gardening Products

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