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  • Reap the rewards of looking after your roses. Keep up the spraying program and feeding. Pick for the vase as this encourages more blooms.
  • Summer bulbs are showing their leaves above the ground. Water regularly. Dry periods at this time will cause the flowers to abort.
  • Fruit needs to be treated for fruit fly. When still very small spray with Garden Ripcord, Kemprin or Knox Worm to stop larvae tunneling into the fruit as it grows.
  • Try to alternate flowering annuals in the beds. Root diseases, such as damping off can occur if this is not done.
  • Garden pests are coming out with a vengeance. Keep a look out for them and spray early.
  • Feed deadhead and water your fuchsias to encourage flowers for Christmas.
  • Water your plants early mornings to minimize evaporation.
  • Your plants will form better root structures if you give a regular deep watering as opposed to frequent light watering.
  • Spread 3:1:5 or 8:1:5 into the flower beds to enhance and prolong the flowers.
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