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  • Enjoy the spectacle of flowering trees such as the crab apple and flowering peaches and cherries.
  • Clear away winter annuals that have finished flowering.  Do not dig over the beds to deeply as this tends to bring up weed seeds to the surface where they can germinate.
  • Remember to pinch out certain shrubs such as fuchsias and daisies to encourage side shoots and therefore more prolific flowers in summer.
  • Keep an eye on your topiaries. Spring growth is rather quick and you could loose the shape of the plant. Cut them back often to encourage bushy and full plants.
  • Watch out for snails and cutworm. As your new seedlings goes in, these creatures come out of hibernation.
  • Roses need to be fertilized with 3.1.5. or 8.1.5.and watered regularly. Begin an early spray program to stop aphids, black spot, mildew and rust. Mulch your roses to reduce watering.
  • Winter flowering shrubs and climbers can now be pruned. This will allow enough time to develop new flowering stems for the next season.
  • Do not prune your frost burn shrubs too early. Only do so in the second half of September the damaged leaves will protect the new growth from further damage.
  • Time now to plant your summer bulbs such as Dahlias, Begonias, Gladiolus and all the special colours (Mango, Hot Shot, Black Centred Yellow, Pink and Red) of arum varieties.
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