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  • Scarify the lawn. Remove the old thatch that develops under the grass in summer. Apply a thin layer of lawn dressing over the top filling any depressions and bare patches. Also apply a slow release fertilizer such as Organic 5:1:5 or 3:2:1 (28)
  • Remove spent blooms from your winter bulbs and keep fertilizing. The leaves must be allowed to die back on their own. Plant summer bulbs towards the end of August.
  • Hardier summer annuals such as alyssum, dianthus, marigolds and lobelias can now be planted. Remove spent blooms from your petunias and pansies to prolong their flowering season.
  • Tidy away all old winter growth and dead wood from trees and shrubs. Collect the last of the winter leaves. 
  • Apply a general fertilizer like Vita Boost or Vita Grow to your flowerbeds to promote early growth. Smaller amounts more often is better and there is less risk of burning the roots
  • Remove weeds from your lawn as much as possible before you start with the fertilizing program (What is good for the grass is just as good for the weeds).  If any unwanted weeds emerge, use a selective broad leaf weed killer, to kill the weeds and not the lawn.
  • Now is the time to plant you lily bulbs for the summer.
  • Dig compost all your beds to retain moisture and improve the soil structure.
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