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  • Sow Namaqualand Daisy Seed and plant Sweet Pea Seeds in full sun, well-composted, fertilized and well-drained soil.
  • Perennials such as Agapanthus, Dietes, Scabious and Penstemons – cut back all old flower stalks to neaten up the patch.  If the plants have overgrown their allotted space – lift, divide and replant newest growth.
  • Give Camellias regular (once a week) deep watering in anticipation of the upcoming flowering season.  Feed with fertilizer high in potassium to promote buds.
  • Start to collect fallen leaves for mulching the flowerbeds as well as for your compost heap.
  • Plan your winter seedling and vegetable garden. You can start planting this more towards the end of this month. Add lots of compost and well matured kraal manure to ensure quick strong growth.
  • Buy your spring bulbs such as Daffodils, Freesias, Dutch Iris and Ranunculus for the garden beds or containers. Daffodils, Hyacinths and Narcissus can be grown hydroponically in sealed glass containers on decorative stone in a well lit room.  This makes an ideal feature, is colourful creative and fun.  Do not start planting your bulbs until the night-time temperatures have dropped considerably. Buy now – plant later!
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