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Re-invent – Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Landscaped and constructed by: Taans Tuine & Kruie

Designer: Tanya Rousseau

The name of the garden came from my mother and is inspired by the old wedding rhyme. Most of the elements used in the garden are recyclable i.e. the bottles, sleeper off-cuts, tree stumps, old wheelbarrows and very simple cinder blocks. It shows that you can create a wonderful space using what is available if you just look around and use a bit of imagination.

We borrowed some things from last year’s gardens; we looked for old things and found frames and a door. We searched for blue bottles, but found none, however by thinking “out of the box” we came up with an alternative.

The garden is inspired by the playful joy of being a child. It is a place to play and relax, as well as, a functional space with veggies and herbs for Mum to use in the kitchen.
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