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‘Call it Colour’

Landscaped and constructed by: Green Dimensions (PTY) Ltd

Designer: Priscilla Banda

‘Call it Colour’ is a small, functional outdoor vibrant space with colour bursts that stimulate energy and create an excitable ambience in the garden. The strong lines in the structure of the gazebo, timber decking, timber slats on the benches and on the walls create movement and rhythm. 

The charcoal colour used on the gazebo structure and the planter wall coping, give this contemporary garden an industrial design feel. The bold use of the primary colours of red and yellow represent bubbles spurting out of the wall which adds excitement to the garden. The cooler mauve and blue colours of the plants tone down the garden creating a much needed balance. The lower seating area consists of benches cladded with timber slats and overlooks a water feature (encased in a table), which creates a soothing and relaxing sound effect.
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