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World Leader in the Growing and Distribution of Ornamental Plants

Malanseuns Pleasure Plants was founded way back in 1913 by Danie Malan on the northern slopes of the Magaliesberg, just outside of Pretoria. Originally a fruit producing farm, surplus fruit trees were sold to the public for planting on farms and in gardens. Over time the business grew and developed to a point where four of his sons embarked on growing ornamental garden plants to complement the fruit tree sales.

Today Malanseuns is a world leader in the growing and distribution of ornamental plants. The family were pioneers in the development of sustainable, organic growing mediums to alleviate the need for using topsoil for the production of container grown plants. Containers were transformed from rusty old tins and other receptacles often retrieved from rubbish dumps and industry to the modern nursery bags and pots used to this day. Plant production was altered to a professional industry that could trade effectively all year round, allowing the people of South Africa to plant and garden whenever they wanted to.

As the fourth generation of the Malan family enters the business, millions of plants are still grown today at the original nursery site and at two other nurseries in the Pretoria area. This offers a range of climatic conditions from sub-tropical to freezing cold, ensuring that plants are grown to the highest possible quality standards. Continuous searching for new and better plants all around the globe along with trialling and testing in South African conditions guarantees that Malanseuns Pleasure Plants leads the way with introducing exciting new plants to local gardeners.

Malanseuns Pleasure Plants will continue to grow and distribute the very best, enhancing gardens and bringing pleasure and joy to all the citizens of South Africa for generations to come.

Our long family history and pioneering spirit is testimony to the fact that Malanseuns Pleasure Plants can be trusted and relied upon to making your garden a luscious haven!

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