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Starke Ayres Sponsoring re-creation of Chelsea Exhibit

With 140 years of success in the seed business, Starke Ayres is delighted to be supporting the Garden World Spring Festival and in particular to be sponsoring the re-creation of the 2017 Kirstenbosch – SA Chelsea Exhibit from London.

The history of Starke Ayres originates in 1876, when Charles Ayres left England and set sail for Cape Town, where he set up his own plant nursery within a year of his arrival.  He was later joined by John Starke, also originally from England, and Starke Ayres was born in January 1920.

One of the most notable highlights through history was in 1947 when King George VI and the royal family visited Cape Town.  During this iconic visit, Starke Ayres was entrusted with the floral decoration and arrangements for all the official functions, including the twenty first birthday ball in honour of Princess Elizabeth, now Queen of England!

With this rich history and being a South African company it is only befitting that we partner with Garden World in bringing this exhibit home. As we usher in the spring season, Starke Ayres wish Garden World a successful season.
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