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Sustainable Water-wise Garden

Landscaped and constructed by: Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden (SANBI)

Designer: Lungisani Zondi (Candidate Horticulturist) & Katlego Selemela

Educational Garden

This garden design is about sustainable and water-wise gardening. South African Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) is one of the leading environmental institutes, and one of our objectives is to educate people about the importance and promotion of our own indigenous plants in garden design. We all know that South Africa is faced with drought and food security issues which are directly related to poverty. It is imperative that, as SANBI we promote water-wise and sustainable gardening. In our garden design we have used drought resistant plants such as Aloes and Euphorbia. As part of our design we have included a wetland and biodiversity section as a way to attract animal life into our garden in order to promote a healthy ecosystem.
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