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Garden 18

Designed by:   Wessels van Vuuren
Installation by:  Wessels van Vuuren         
Media Partner:  Kwela

Description of Garden:
The garden is inspired by Wessels van Vuuren’s adventure-filled Koekedoor journey. Koekedoor is a popular reality baking competition show on KykNet. 

The path seems blocked by low planting to suggest uncertainty about entering, however the plants give off fragrance and pleasant experiences once you take the first step.  There are windows into the kitchen featuring memorable moments from the show.  The planting is initially cool and relaxed, but rapidly transcends into a riot of hot colours as the chaos and drama starts unfolding in the baking challenges.  

Behind the scenes there is a calm and peaceful seating area with many of my favourite plants, bringing you right into my personal space.

Plant Highlights:
1.  Eureka Lemon tree
2.  Dianthus “Pink Kisses’
3.  Crassula capitella ‘Campfire’
4.  Argyranthemum Madeira pink
5.  Lavandula ‘Margaret Roberts’
6.  Pelargonium / bush geranium
7.  Carex ‘Buchanii Brown’

Thanks to the following sponsors for making this garden possible:
Paint: Divefin
Plants: 3 Bushketeers, Malanseuns, Garden World
Bark Mulch: Bark Unlimited
Fertilizer: Talborne Organics
Support: Rolhem
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