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Garden 12

Designed by:    Lwandiso Ncobo (Senior Horticlturist)
Installation by:  Mogale City
Media Partner:  Get It Joburg West
Description of Garden:
The Mogale City Sustainable Living garden has been transformed by making use of a pergola that links the entrance and house to its patio and lawn area which is surrounded by the wrap-around border creating a cosy, charming space.

Everyone loves a quick-fix garden especially when it is cost effective and easy to create. Its beauty lies in its spontaneity; with a wonderful mix of vegetables, herbs, perennials, annuals, shrubs and fruit trees to provide the family with home grown food.

Mogale City is proud to be part of the new radical movement against poverty and social responsibility. We encourage people to grow their own food, as well as, provide a space where family and friends can gather and enjoy time together. 

Plant Highlights:
1.  Euryops pectinatus
2.  Eurka lemon tree
3.  Gerbera jamesonii
4.  Limonium perezii
5.  Lessertia frutescens
6.  Bacopa white
7.  Red cabbage
8.  Lavandula ‘Blue Canaries’

Thanks to the following sponsors for making this garden possible:
Bark Mulch: Bark Unlimited
Fertilize: Talborne Organics
Shade-Over Lawn: Mayford Seeds
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