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Sustainable Beauty

Garden 9

Designed by:    John Sauer of Ngena Succulents
Installation by:  Ngena Succulents

Description of Garden:
This garden showcases the diversity of succulents. A beautiful succulent tapestry is created using colourful plants of different forms and textures. The succulent ‘geese in motion’, and ‘green bull heads’ add to the idea of a fantasy garden.
Succulents have gained immense popularity over the past years. They can be used creatively in gardens, patios, small containers, living walls and a number of creative scenarios.. Succulents require far less water than most other plants. This makes them ideal garden companions when we consider the extreme weather conditions and droughts we have experienced in recent years, as well as water shortages.
Water-wise plants are a major component of the garden along with aesthetic artifacts sourced from local artisans. Sustainable Beauty…indeed.

Plant Highlights:
Ebracteola wilmaniae
Aeonium ‘Starburst’
Echeveria ‘Mauna Loa’
Echeveria gilva ‘Red’

Thanks to the following sponsors for making this garden possible:
Compost & Bark Mulch: Bark Unlimited
Fertilizer: Talborne Organics
Support: Dudley van Wyk Architects, Chamberlain’s Hardware & Building Supplies
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