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Woodlands Edge – A Contemporary Sanctuary in the Forest

Garden 7

Designed by:    Sonita Young of Young Landscape Design Studio
Installation by:  JJ van Rensburg & the Garden World Team
Media Partner:   Tuis/Home

Description of Garden:
The inspiration for this garden is a contemporary, minimalist Artists Sanctuary, in a secluded woodland viewed through the large glass panels. The contemporary design of the Pod House inspired us to create a garden that blends both natural and modern elements. 

Large, natural stone and flat boulders are used to demarcate the open patio area on the one side and acts as an informal seating area, whilst a gravel path leads you deeper into the woodland. 

The Pod House is carefully positioned between the large trees. This is to ensure maximum sunlight to the rooftop veggie garden. This woodland inspired garden features existing large trees and other plantings including shrubs, perennials, natural and ornamental grasses, a selection of indigenous ferns, bulbs and winter flowering annuals. 

Plant Highlights:
Alchemilla mollis
Zantedeschia aethiopica
Clivia miniata
Tulbaghia violacea
Erigeron karvinskianus
Primula malacoides
Cyathea brownii
Veltheimia bracteata

Thanks to the following sponsors for making this garden possible:
Plants: Malanseuns
Pod House: Perfect-Places
Rocks: Fibre Features
Animal Statues: Wildcrete
Fertilizer: Talborne Organics
Bark Mulch: Bark Unlimited
Shade-Over Lawn: Mayford Seeds
Furniture: ORANGE TREE furniture

Garden World Landscaping Division
JJ & Pieter
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