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African Medicinal Garden

Garden 4

Designed by:    Katlego Selemela & Solomon Nenungwi 
Installation by:  Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden (SANBI)

Educational Garden

Description of Garden:
This medicinal garden set around an African hut has a distinctive, unique atmosphere and symbolizes African architectural building and traditions of local ethnic people. There are many African handcrafted items and the floors are made from a mixture of mud and cow dung, in true African style. Strong architectural plants such as Aloes and Cycads together with medicinal plants have been used to add structure to the garden. All medicinal and useful plants are clearly labelled with vital information on how they can be used. Information on creating, managing and maintaining an indigenous garden is available. The plants in the display are grouped according to their medicinal uses and represent those used by many South African communities, including those used for magic, muthi, dyes, foods and more. 

Plant Highlights:
Tulbaghia violacea varg.
Pelargonium citronellum 
Aloe ferox hybrid
Pelargonium tomentosum
Encephalartos horridus
Diascia pink

Thanks to the following sponsors for making this garden possible:
Fertilizer: Talborne Organics
Bark Mulch: Bark Unlimited
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