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Cycad Odyssey

Garden 1

Designed by:   Lezani Botha - Drafted by Bernadine Drath
Installation by: Lezani Botha - CycadLady

Educational Garden

Description of Garden
I am your cycad; Ancient times knew me well. I grow slowly, but free and proud. Our family species Encephalartos developed with little resistance. Grasses, succulents and aloes rejoiced as we grew wild and free among them. Then the human race found the secret hidden deep within us. Our free spirit encountered tragic times. Although we do not bleed, once extinct, we could remain silenced forever. With pride and honour we will remain tall and strong. If you care for me, I can care for you...

Plant Highlights:
1. Encephalartos ferox
2. Encephalartos lehmanii
3. Ornithogalum juncifolia
4. Polygala virgata
5. Aloe greatheadii var davyane

Thanks to the following sponsors for making this garden possible
Plants: Grassland Nursery; Random Harvest Nursery; Garden World; Lezani Botha & W.C. de Lange
Rock: Fibre Features
Graphics: Wall X Scape
Plant Labels: Tree Tags
Plan: Bernadine from Indigo Landscapes Design
Story Board: Stephanie van Tonder (Independent Contractor to Unisa)
Labour & Tools: C&E Landscape Contractors; Garden World 
Permits: Gauteng Nature Conservation; Lezani (the CycadLad at Garden World)
Fertilizer: Talborne Organics
Bark Mulch: Bark Unlimited
Support: Dr. R.T Botha; Green House Trials

Lezani Botha
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